Here is a sampling of the organizations that we fund:

Palladia, Inc. is one of the largest multi-service organizations in New York. Their programs and services provide help to individuals and families facing substance abuse problems. The Patrina Foundation's grant to Palladia funded its women's softball team, the winner of the Therapeutic Communities Athletic Association championship for the last five years.

Sister Power:
The Sister Power Organization's after school program focuses on improving the reading levels of the girls who participate. Each girl is assessed at the beginning of the school year and monitored throughout. With a library of books donated by First Book and Scholastic, the girls are required to read, write book reports, and share their thoughts with the group. In addition, the girls are tutored in other subjects, taught computer skills, martial arts, performance arts and participate in community service. They are also given healthy snacks to improve their physical well being, as well as their academic performance. The Patrina Foundation's grant goes toward purchasing equipment for the center and the implementation of programs and activities.

Hofstra Law School: The Center For Children, Families And The Law
Hofstra University and its School of Law have established a unique, interdisciplinary center – The Center for Children, Families and the Law – committed to education, community service and research to benefit children and families involved in the legal system. The Center offers unparalleled opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration with faculty and students from the University’s Department of Psychology as well as with national associations and mental health and human services agencies. The Center also oversees the Hofstra University School of Law Child and Family Advocacy Fellowship Program, established in 2002, to train and develop the next generation of leaders in the specialized field of family law. It is one of the most comprehensive fellowship programs of its kind in the country. The program provides the foundation needed for its fellows to become heads of social service organizations, members of the judiciary, leaders of the bar, and legislators who will work collaboratively with those from related disciplines to improve the family court system in America. The Patrina Foundation is proud to sponsor the fellowship.

Row New York:
Row New York is the first program of its kind in New York City. Its mission is to build young people's academic and athletic strengths through a highly structured competitive rowing and academic program. Its core program serves high school girls from New York City schools. This program meets six days a week and includes rowing, academics, and a guest speaker series. Row New York also runs learn-to-row programs in conjunction with the Department of Education as well as learn-to-row camps during the summer. Row New York uses its Patrina Foundation grant to subsidize the academic program.

St. Aloysius, Sr. Thea Bowman Middle School For Girls
The Thea Bowman Summer Camp and After School Programs:
Harlem girls in the Bowman middle school at St. Aloysius take part in camp and after school experiences that open new avenues for learning, instill self-confidence and expand their horizons. Every year, all of the girls spend summer weeks at their Leadership Camp in Lake Placid, where the woods and green open spaces become a summer home for these inner-city students. Learning to swim, hiking up Mount Jo, studying and participating in group activities help the girls develop confidence as they form strong bonds and prepare for the upcoming school year. Throughout the year the school day continues until 5:30 so that all girls may participate in the many after school activities, such as dance, choir, basketball, oratory preparation, tutoring and art club. The Patrina Foundation’s grant is used to defray the costs of the after-school and summer camp programs.